Partner’s name: Renae
Children’s names: Jacob 3 & Milla 3
Charity: 4ASDKids

Standing at 203cm, or six foot eight, Joe Ingles is quite literally one of the big names and big men in Australian basketball. The Utah Jazz and Australian Boomers star has made quite the impression since his NBA debut in 2014, scoring 27 points a game three times in the past 12 months – against champions Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns. Joe has been rewarded for his efforts, signing a multi-year deal with the Jazz in 2017. In addition, he has been a regular member of the Boomers since his debut at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Joe has never missed an Olympics or World Championship with the Boomers. He’s also never missed an opportunity to spend time with the kids, despite his high level commitments with the Jazz. Particularly when one of his twins, Jacob, has been diagnosed with autism. “We would be lying if we said this hasn’t been hard,” Joe said at the time of announcing Jacob’s condition. “However, this is our reality and Jacob isn’t his diagnosis. He’s our Jacob and will always be our Jacob. Like any parent, we want to give both Jacob and Milla every opportunity to have a happy, healthy, and successful future.” Put simply, Joe just loves being with his children at every opportunity. “Being away with basketball so much I want to be around and with them as much as I can when I am at home,” Joe said. “We enjoy all being together at home or going to the park or beach when we can. It’s also really nice to try and get some individual time with each of them.” His wife one of Australia’s legends of netball Renea went on to say “There isn’t anything in the world Joe wouldn’t do for the kids. Anything and everything he does is for them and the kids are happiest when he is home with them.”

How difficult is it spending time away from kids during the season? It’s extremely hard being away from Renae and the kids for the time I am. Our schedule is pretty full-on, tons of travel and games. I try to speak to them as much as I can. I’m very lucky to have such a supportive wife that takes amazing care of them and makes it easier for me to leave. It never gets easier leaving them though. - Joe

At this young age do they take an active interest in your career? We are both lucky they enjoy coming to our sports. Milla for sure has more of an interest and is constantly asking if we are going to training or games, Jacob doesn't understand as much but has been good at coming and watching the games. It’s amazing to have them in the crowd and be able to look up there and see Renae, Jacob & Milla. - Joe

Do they enjoy sports? They enjoy anything that involves running or outside. They love riding their bikes, they throw and kick really well. I wouldn't say they have fallen in love with a specific sport. Milla does say she will play basketball though. - Joe

What’s the best thing about being a dad? There is nothing better, it puts life into perspective for sure. I get no better feeling then seeing them achieve something, especially now with Jacob’s diagnosis it really makes you take a step back and enjoy every little milestone. Every day is something special and we try and enjoy every moment we have with them. We are lucky parents. - Joe

On game days, do you like to relax with the family or do they understand to keep away from you? They definitely don't keep away from me!! But I do sneak away for a little nap if possible. There is days where I do and days that I don't. But it is what it is … if I have to miss a nap then I am more than happy to. - Joe

Besides their birth, what is your most memorable moment with the children? The birth was obviously something really special I will never forget. I think little things constantly will make me proud. Things happen daily and you try to enjoy every one of them. I won't ever forget the time after Jacob was diagnosed and Renae had taken them to Disney on Ice. Milla understands that Jacob goes to therapy and Jacob by the end of the show had taken his headphones off and was dancing with her. She looked at Renae and said she was proud of Jacob. Which was amazing to hear for Renae. - Joe

Where’s their favourite place that you like to take them? We probably have different things with each one, together for sure a park or beach. Anything outside they absolutely love. Milla loves going out for cake, which means I get to have a coffee. Jacob loves the pool, so taking him for his swimming lessons is always really enjoyable. - Joe

What’s your designated chore in the house? Renae will laugh at this but I wouldn't say we have designated roles. Renae is for sure the organised one and five steps ahead of everything … she runs our household. I do try to do my part when I am around and take the load off her. I could probably still do more though. - Joe

Favourite family holiday? Every All Star break we go away somewhere, San Diego and Phoenix have been our favourite places to get some nice weather. We went to Fiji for our honeymoon and would love to take the kids with us next time because we absolutely loved it. So that will be the next destination. - Joe

What makes Joe such a great father? Joe adores the kids. Anything and everything he does is for them. The kids are happiest when he is home and with them. There isn’t anything in the world that he wouldn’t do for them, and that makes him the best Dad. - Renae

How hard is it when he has to be away from home? It’s incredibly hard, mainly because the kids miss him so much! The one thing that makes it easier when he is away is how great he is when he is home with us. It makes up for the time we miss with him. He helps with school and therapy drop off, helps me around the house and he is definitely very hands on with the kids when he is home. - Renae


Sports Dad of the Year 2019
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