Partner’s name: Anna
Child’s name: Anders (newborn)

Affectionately known as Delly, Matthew has carved out a career as one of the best known Australian imports to grace the NBA basketball courts. Growing up the regional Victorian town of Maryborough, Delly started his career with the local club before making his way through the junior representative teams, captaining the Australian under 19 team at a World Championships. His quality was noticed and he started his professional career with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013, winning the NBA championship alongside LeBron James in 2016. He then spent three seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, eventually returning to the Cavs in 2018. Matthew’s passion for the Boomers is strong, playing in two Olympics and a World Championship. Matthew now has his hands full with young Anders during the Covid break as he does marking the world’s best basketballers for a living. “You always want to be competing for a Championship and playing in the playoffs,” Matthew said. “It is disappointing to not be playing but it has been a huge bonus to get every single day together and see the small little changes and growth that happens every day with Anders.” His partner Anna went onto say “No matter how tired Delly is, he always brings so much energy and excitement to playtime. Even when Anders was really young, he'd have him touching the ball, doing tummy time, always pumping him up!”

Congratulations on the birth of Anders late last year! Thank you! Anders seems to think it’s always a great time for a wrestling match and he's getting a lot stronger so it is very funny. - Delly

Can you explain what the feeling is like being a dad and are you enjoying it? It is really hard to describe and when you try to find the words, more experienced dads give you the knowing nod that there are no words that really describe it. It's been the best! It really changes your perspective on everything. - Delly

I guess you've seen your partner in a whole new light? Definitely! You always appreciate your wife but when you see them taking care of themselves and researching before the baby is born, being in the delivery room and that process and then how much love and care Anna has for Anders, it is a completely different level of appreciation. - Delly

What are your key home duties with Anders? Get him first thing in the morning and change his nappy, helping out at bath time and trying to tire him out before his afternoon nap while Anna works out. - Delly

What is your favourite activity with him? Playing in a mini ball pit with him or our bed time routine. He is really funny at the end of the day especially when he wants to stay up because he's having too much fun. - Delly

Have you already introduced him to sport? Yep! We've always had a balloon or a ball around and he loves picking up a ball then putting it down and crawling after it. I think he might be a left hander! - Delly

What's the best part of your day with Anders? He loves his Trucks book but playtime is the most fun - he has been trying to copy my workout routines recently. - Delly

When Covid restrictions ease, is there a family holiday planned? I’m looking forward to bringing Anders to Australia to see Nana, Pa and his aunties. It will be his first time so hopefully we can show him some kangaroos and koalas as well - he loves playing with his stuffed koala. - Delly

What is his best asset as a dad? Definitely his energy. He loves playing with Anders and riling him up (even right before bedtime lol). - Anna

Is he a hands on dad? 100 percent! He loves all things Anders and he is always engaged and involved no matter the activity - changing nappies, watching him eat lunch, bath time, play time, and bedtime routine. - Anna


Sports Dad of the Year 2020
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