Partner’s name: Julia
Children’s names: Winter 3 & Goldie newborn

Matthew Wade has represented Australia in all three forms of cricket – Tests, One Day Internationals and T20’s, establishing himself as a wicket keeper and enigmatic batsmen since his Test debut in 2012 against the West Indies, two months after his first Australian cap when he played India in a ODI. Since then, Matthew has been in and out of the Australian team but earned a recall to the Test arena through sheer weight of runs in domestic cricket before the start of this year’s Ashes Series. And what a recall it was … scoring a memorable Century in the second innings at Edgbaston when he combined with Steve Smith to take the game away from the English and set up a wonderful first Test victory. Matt has now passed 1000 Test runs in his 24th Test, which up until the second Test at Lords, includes three Test centuries. Wife Julia was actually induced in Hobart before the birth of second child Goldie to allow Matt to travel to England, where he joined the Australian A team late to push his Ashes claims. Giving us a glimpse of his life with kids Matt said “I’m getting a lot less sleep now, but a lot more love! I actually can’t remember what life was like without them! Our life is a lot busier. But like all parents would say, you wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Have you found it hard spending time away from the family during your cricket commitments? Yes time away from the family has, and always will be hard! Thankfully though, we have awesome support and a great family back home that do a fantastic job of helping Julia out while I'm on the road. Something I’m extremely grateful for!

What is your favourite activity with Winter? 100% taking her out on the boat, fishing!!! But when we're away on the road, it’s spending time at the hotel pool that we both enjoy most! Day to day at home, our morning coffee run is something I really enjoy doing with her! It’s often when she’s got plenty to tell me, and many stories to share! Of a weekend, we both LOVE a trip to Bunnings!!!

If the family are with you and on game days, do you like to relax with them or do they keep away from you? It’s family business as usual on game day! There’s always kids to be fed, dressed and get out the door! However if the girls do wake early, Julia will definitely amuse them to allow me to get a little extra sleep!

Are you able to get a good sleep before a big game? Yes! Jules is fantastic, and a huge support! She will always get the girls sorted to allow for a smooth run into game day!

Tell us about the nappy changes and washing? Isn’t there a little fairy that comes in and does that!?!!! Washing definitely isn’t a strong attribute of mine! I have to say I leave that up to Jules in our household! But I’m certainly not scared of a nappy change or newborn poo explosion!!

I guess you've seen your partner in a whole new light? Absolutely, I have complete admiration for Jules. She’s a strong woman who I definitely couldn't do life without! She’s held our family together and is a huge support to me and the girls! And not just over the past few months either!

Besides their births’, obviously, are there any other memorable moments with them? Anytime I get Winter from school or coming home after a game. The love and excitement she has to see me, is something that never gets old for me.

Any favourite place you like to take Winter? Of course fishing. Coffee shop in the morning!!. Bunnings.!! And I really do love her coming along to the BBL games!

What's been the toughest thing to adjust to? No sleep is the number 1 thing! I can see why sleep deprivation is a form of torture!! But as a first time parents, adjusting to putting your child and their needs first was a big change for me. For so long, I had only really needed to think about myself and what I was doing. Playing professional sport is a selfish world, so that was definitely something I had to get my head around when we first had Winter! Now that Goldie has joined our family, its not so much an adjustment, its more about embracing the chaos!!

Sports Dad of the Year 2019
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