Partnerís name: Emma
Childrenís names: Arabella (3) & Mimi (1)

Tom Hawkins is one of the most prolific goal kicking forwards in the AFL, last year being the eighth season in a row he was the leading goal kicker for the Geelong Cats. Tom has kicked more than 570 career goals and his closing in 270 appearances for the Cats, including two premierships and All-Australian selection. Tom shows no signs of slowing down despite his achievements since making his debut in 2007, where he was compared to the legendary Tony ĎPluggerí Lockett in his first season by legendary North Melbourne Premiership winning coach Denis Pagan. This year, however has been different owing to Covid, forcing Tom to spend time away from his family interstate. ďAs a player from a Victorian based club, weíve been forced out of the state to continue the season and itís been tougher than I imagined,Ē Tom said. ďOur girls are young and I miss watching them grow and develop Ė I just hope there arenít too many milestones I miss while Iím away.Ē

On game days, do you like to relax with them or do you try to keep away from the family? Game-day is the one day a week that as a professional athlete I need to be selfish so I can perform at a high level. Yes I do like spending time with Emma and the girls on game day however, I always have time in the day where I have my own time to mentally and physically prepare. - Tom

What are some of your most memorable moments as a dad? Holidays, birthdays, Easter and Christmas. As a parent I just want my children to be healthy and happy. The happy element of that is on full display during those celebrations. - Tom

How much has your life changed since they were born? Whilst some things have stayed the same my priorities and responsibility for my family have completely changed. Earlier mornings, less sleep, no golf. The list goes on. Life has certainly changed for the better! - Tom

I guess you've seen your partner in a whole new light? Absolutely. Whatever I say wonít do justice to the job sheís done. Emmaís an incredible mother. Sheís had great role models. However she does it her way which is what I love most about her. - Tom

What are your home duties with the kids? Iím an early riser, so mornings are my go. Iím fortunate that Iím home most nights for dinner, bath, book and bed. So I help out with that as well. - Tom

What is your favourite activity with them? Our girls are very much outdoors people. So we spend a lot of time outside at our place! Feeding the cattle, riding their horse or checking for eggs are some of activities. - Tom

Favourite family holiday or getaway? Noosa. Itís one of great holiday destinations in Australia for young families! Great beaches, great weather and wonderful people. - Tom

Whatís the best thing about being a dad? Watching them fail, learn and achieve. Rolling, crawling, walking, talking and riding a bike. The smile on their faces when they succeed is the biggest enjoyment I can get as a parent. - Tom

What makes him such a great father? He is just so natural at it. Itís in his makeup. I adore his commitment, patience and obsession he has with our girls. He would literally do anything for them and for me. We are a true team when it comes parenting which makes him the best dad. We share every single aspect of it together, equally and it is so obvious when you see the girls with him. - Emma

How does he keep in contact with you and the kids when he's away ... phone/internet/skype? Tom filmed himself reading books on the iPad at home before he left, so we watch those. We also FaceTime every few hours. Mimi doesnít understand because She is too little. Belle asks for dad every night and every morning. We are so lucky to have FaceTime - Emma


Sports Dad of the Year 2020
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