Partnerís name: Brittney
Childrenís names: Brooklyn (6), Barclay (5), Bronx (4) & Bear (2)
Charity: Woman's Shelters

James Tamou has been one of the premier front-rowers in the NRL for more than a decade since his debut with the North Queensland Cowboys in 2009. James was part of the Cowboysí historic premiership winning 2015 team, while he has gone on to represent the Kangaroos on 12 occasions, the NSW Blues in the State of Origin arena 14 times as well as playing three times for his native New Zealand Maoriís. James moved to the Panthers at the start of 2017 and has not only captained the club, but played a prime role in their climb up the ladder in the past few seasons to become 2020 premiership favourites in the NRL. Ironically, Covid has allowed James to see his family more. ďThe NRL has adopted a fly in fly out type deal for away games, so interstate games a now a little easier on the family,Ē James said. ďItís always hard leaving Britt and the boys as I know how full on the boys are for Britt! They are hilarious and always wanting to be outside kicking the footy or inside pretending they are WWE wrestlers. I love the joy they bring to Britt and I, we are very blessed to have four boys!Ē His wife Britt went onto say ďJames is a real family man and wants nothing more than to be there for his kids. He was Brooklynís first football coach, with the Under-6 Brumbies team for the past two years, on the field the next morning after his game helping all the juniors in his team learn the game he loves.Ē

On a normal game day, do you like to relax with the kids or do you try to keep away from the family? I love to relax with the kids in the morning and take them to the park, depending on what time the game is, Iíll have a nap. - James

Tell us about those nappy changes and bath time? The nappy changes I must admit was something that Britt always had my back and took care of, I did try ha ha! We try to make dinner at lunch time so then itís quick and easy for dinner time. Bath and bed times are like a work of art now. Britt and I have an action plan of a night, two into the shower then two out. Iíll dry and dress and Britt will start the next two then Iíll dry and dress. Every night after they are showered and dressed we pretend we are WWE wrestlers and then the boys will choose a book for us to read together. - James

I guess you've seen your partner in a whole new light? Britt is my absolute world, she is an incredible, inspirational, strong woman that I am so incredibly proud of. To bring four giant boys into this world, Iím truly blessed to have her by my side. She is a wonderful mum to our boys and an incredible wife to me. - James

Tell us about being a dad, how much do you enjoy it? I love being a dad, especially as they grow older the more fun times we have. They are all into footy and I love the afternoons with them at the oval helping all four of them learn new skills. - James

What is your favourite activity with the kids? Hanging with them at the park, playing footy or cricket, just that down time and seeing and hearing them laugh. - James

Any memorable moments with them? Every day is honestly a new memorable moment, But Nurf wars would have to be a favourite of mine. We pop our swimming goggles on and hide around the house and scare poor Britt! - James

Do you ever attend the kidsí school and have you been involved in any activity at school with them? Yes, I love watching my boy Brooklyn run at the colour run events his school holds, seeing all the kids laughing and having a great time enjoying the sun! With my younger boys at day-care, I did a little football clinic for the kids which they absolutely loved. - James

Do the kids like to come to your games and how do they feel about this season given youíre top of the table? The boys absolutely love to go to the games, they yell and scream and bring their big flags. They let me know what I do well and what I should have done better too haha! They love the fact Panthers are on top of the ladder, Brooklyn and his school mates Levi and Jett keep me updated on how we are going. - James

What sports do the kids enjoy playing and are you involved in their community sport? Our boys Brooklyn and Barclay play junior rugby league for the Glenmore Park Brumbies, they absolutely love the game! - James

When the season ends and hopefully Covid restrictions stop, where would you like to take the family on a holiday? We love to head back to my family home in Braidwood, we absolutely love it there! My in laws live on big acreage with Angus cattle. The boys get to hop on their quad bikes and motor bikes and ride around for hours. This is where we just love to get that quiet time and spend time with the ones we love. - James What is his best asset as a father? There are so many incredible assets to James as a father. He is loving and kind, honest and loyal, incredibly hard working and always wants to give back. James is not only an incredible father but a wonderful husband, always going over and beyond, to make life together fun and exciting. What I truly love about James is that he is always looking to do more and help more people just to give back. During the terrible Australian bushfires, he helped along with many of our wonderful fire fighters, my dad and brothers to save not only my family home in Braidwood but so many local's homes in the surrounding areas. As his wife, Iím incredibly proud of the man he is and admire his ambitions in life. - Britt

What is it like having five boys in the family? Having five Tamou boys is a tough gig! But I love every second of having a big family. They are all the best of mates and are always up to something! There is never a dull day in this household and Iím very lucky to have an incredible mum (Kerry) and dad (John) who go over and beyond to help James and I with the boys. - Britt

What makes your dad so great? Because he plays football really good. He is a cool dad He teaches me everything. - Brooklyn
Because he is my best friend and he likes to play cricket with me. - Barclay He shows me cool wrestling moves like Jeff Hardy and we eat all mumís choc chip cookies together. - Bronx
Dad is funny - Bear

Do you like watching dad play footy? I love watching dad play at the Panthersí stadium. He is a tackling machine! - Brooklyn
Yes, because I get to run on the field with him after he wins and he gives me lots of cuddles. - Barclay
Dad is so strong, like the Hulk, I love watching him win. - Bronx Go Daddy. - Bear


Sports Dad of the Year 2020
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