Partner’s name: Brooke
Children’s names: Harper (5), Mackenzie (4) & Parker (1)

After captaining his team to its first AFL premiership in almost 40 years in 2017, Trent will go down as a legend of the Richmond Tigers Football club. The tough midfielder is closing in on 250 games for his beloved Tigers, adding a second premiership last year alongside his 2012 Brownlow Medal and three Jack Dyer Medals as the Tigers’ Best and Fairest player. Trent’s respect is such that he was named Victoria captain for the 2020 State of Origin and has been named the ALPA best captain back in 2018. But this fierce competitor is also every inch the doting dad to his three young children. “Given the challenges we have faced for a good chunk of the year it has been a good thing to be around the home,” Trent said. “Probably my favourite is playing sport with the kids and even Parker loves watching so it entertains him too. “The toughest thing with three children under 5 is that it’s relentless and you never really quite get a break … but we wouldn’t change it for the world!” His wife Brooke went onto say “Trent is happy to engage with the children all of the time. Even after a big day, he will always come home and immerse himself into the kids be it sport or play time.”

You now have your hands full with three kids, how do you do it? I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing wife, we work well together and typically do our best to keep things in order! - Trent

Given the situation with Covid, how are you feeling with the adjustments and how have you interacted with the kids when you’re away? I’m incredibly lucky to have the family with me, we have had a few challenges being out of our normal environment and routine but in many ways it’s been amazing to experience a different way of life up in QLD. - Trent

The kids seem to like going to your training, is it something they ask to do? They love it, every chance they get they request to come along, particularly now they have so many relationships with a range of the boys and our staff. - Trent

Now that you have a boy in Parker, do you see a difference in raising a boy, and how have you felt about that? Not yet. I mean he seems more chilled as a baby more so than the girls but I’m sure there will be both similar and different behavioural things as he grows! It will be interesting that’s for sure. - Trent

You’re back changing nappies more now, tell us about the nappy changes? Well the experience with boys vs girls can be different! My first nappy change with Parker I got weed on! But I will be glad to be out of them for good and not having to clean up explosions and so forth! - Trent

Do you like to involve yourself with the kids’ school/daycare? Absolutely, we have some great relationships with other parents and I think it’s important from a community point of view. - Trent

What sports or activities are the kids involved in? Tennis, dancing, swimming, gymnastics. Pretty much anything and everything! - Trent

What's the best part of your day with them? Play time is great now as they love wrestling and just rolling around and having a good time, kids amaze me with their imagination and ability to create and play! - Trent

Do you have an idea on where you’d like to take the family on their next holiday when things are back to normal? We went to the United States before Parker and it was an amazing trip. We’ll possibly head back there at the right time but we would also love to explore a real cultural experience like Japan. - Trent

Is Trent a hands on dad.....what task does he perform in helping you? Mostly he baths the kids, is happy to always change a nappy or take them somewhere for play time. Dinner time is a battle particularly with Kenzie as she likes to eat very slowly! Haha - Brooke

How does he keep in contact with you and the kids when he's away? FaceTime. Although not quite the same, it can be a great substitute. - Brooke


Sports Dad of the Year 2020
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