Partner’s name: Lauren
Children’s names: Hugo 4 & Wil 2

Matt Scott will retire at the end of this NRL season as the greatest front-row forward every produced by the North Queensland Cowboys. Matt has played almost 270 games for the club he now captains since his debut in 2004 as a raw kid from Longreach. Since then, Matt has experienced a dream career as a vital member of Queensland’s record breaking Maroons who he represented with pride in 22 appearances, likewise his country with 22 Tests for the Kangaroos and of course his club where he helped guide the Cowboys to their history making 2015 premiership triumph. His bull like charges and leadership will be greatly missed by the Cowboys upon his retirement. But with injuries slowing hampering him in the latter end of his career, Matt is looking forward to spending more time with this wife Lauren and two boys, “They are a huge inspiration,” Matt said of his boys Hugo and Wil. “I like to set a good example for them and do something they will be proud of in the years to come. They come to every home game and representative games away so we have some great memories.”

After recently announcing your retirement, how much are you looking forward to spending more time to spend with Lauren and the kids? Initially I will love the extra time with the family. No doubt work life after football will kick in soon but I will be able to enjoy weekends and holidays much more. - Matt

What sports do the kids play and will you be involved more in their Community Sport? At the moment they do tennis and swimming. As they get older they will play more sports and I would love to be involved. - Matt

Tell us about your daily family duties? I do as much as I can, when I can. I miss so much when I am away or out early or late for training so when I am home I do as much as possible. There are no set routines as such but I do tend to cook more and like reading them books before bed. - Matt

Are you enjoying being a dad? I love being a dad. It’s fun and rewarding and I am loving watching them grow. - Matt

What is your favourite activity with the kids? Probably swimming … because they both love it so much. I like playing golf and fishing with Hugo and it will be even better when Wil is old enough to join in. - Matt

Do you have any memorable moments with them? Every day is memorable. Rugby League related would be running out at home for my 250th NRL game with them.

Have you ever been asked to attend the kids school or been asked to meet their friends? The boys are at a great daycare and we are very actively involved in its community. I have definitely featured in a few show and shares! - Matt

Favourite family holiday destination with the family? Locally it would be Magnetic Island and Mission Beach. We love Noosa and Melbourne also. Hugo has been to Europe a couple of times so I would love to take them back there when they are a bit older. - Matt

What makes your dad so great?
He plays football and we get to go and watch him at games.

What is the best thing dad does for you?
He takes me fishing and to play golf. He builds things to play on. - Hugo
He bounces me on the trampoline and reads me books. - Will


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