Partner’s name: Elise
Children’s names: Cali (2) & Jesse (6 months)
Charity: Salvation Army “They helped my mum after our house burnt down and without their help we would have struggled”. - Josh

Josh Morris is one of the most respected and decorated centres in rugby league. The son of former Dragons’ legend Steve ‘Slippery’ Morris, Josh along with twin brother Brett has carved out a remarkable career since his debut for the Dragons in 2007. Josh has played almost 300 NRL games including 217 with the Bulldogs before joining reigning NRL Premiers Sydney Roosters this year to play one more season alongside his brother. In a remarkable career, Josh has played 15 times for NSW in State of Origin, two grand finals with the Bulldogs in 2012 and 2014 and has scored more than 140 NRL tries. Josh finds his children give him incredible balance from the rigours of NRL football. “No matter how good or bad a day you've had at work you can come home to smiles and immediately forget about it,” Josh said. “They don't care what's happened and they always put a smile on my face.” His wife Elise went onto say “Josh has always been a really hands on dad. So much so that my dad and brother-in-law always jokingly comment on how he makes them look bad! He's also super affectionate so I know my kids always feel so loved and adored.”

Do you find it hard spending time away from the kids during the season, and in particular this unique season? It has probably been a blessing as we've spent more time at home because of Covid so have been able to see them grow and learn and see their personalities start to shine through. - Josh

Congratulations on the recent birth of Jesse, I bet you’ll be changing more nappies? I don't mind changing nappies! It was definitely a bit different to changing my daughter Cali's for so long but we haven't had too many accidents so he's been very good haha! - Josh

On game days, do you like to relax with the kids or do you try to keep away from the family? I try and get a sleep in when I can and my wife is normally good at trying to keep them out till I wake up but after that normally go for a walk with them and pre COVID would normally go to a cafe and have breakfast as a family. My pre game routine has certainly changed since kids and has helped me be a bit more flexible and enjoy game day with the family. - Josh

How much has your life changed since they were born? It’s changed massively but for the better. It certainly helps my footy as when I'm away from training my focus is my family and am able to switch off. It's helped me being more flexible and go with flow rather than planning and I've really enjoyed being a father. - Josh

I guess you've seen your partner in a whole new light? 100 percent! What women go through carrying a baby and seeing what that does to them and then delivering a baby … it’s unbelievable and I certainly had so much respect and admiration for my wife. - Josh

What are your home duties with the kids? Now we have two we each do the feeding, bathing, reading and bedtime of one each so it's good. My favourite would have to be reading nursery rhymes to Cali and her reading them to me at the moment. She is a good little reader. - Josh

What is your favourite activity with them, when you have downtime? We normally like to go for walks to local parks and play on the equipment and in summer head to the beach and swim. Cali loves the water and we can't wait to get Jesse in the water too. - Josh

What sports or activities is Cali involved in? Cali does dance lessons at Jazz it Up dance in Taren Point and absolutely loves it! She was a star at their Christmas concert last year!! - Josh

Does Cali understand what you do for work and like watching Rugby League? She does like watching the footy my wife tells me she's constantly screaming for daddy and cheering the team on when she's at the games or watching on TV. I'm not too sure if she understands what I do but she knows daddy plays for the Roosters with her uncle Brett! - Josh

What's the best part of your day?
I think my favourite part would have to be the cuddles when they've just woken up from their lunchtime nap and are in a cuddly mood! - Josh

When the season is over and Covid restrictions ease, is there a family holiday planned? We have taken Cali twice to Bali and she absolutely loved it but this year being what it is we'll be looking a little more closer to home so hopefully we'll get down to the south coast which we always visit at least once a year and have a nice beach holiday. - Josh

Is Josh a hands on dad … what task does he perform in helping you? Very hands on. I work in the city and long hours so on my work days Josh does the day care pick up, feeding, nappy changes, baths (basically everything as I don't get home till their bedtime on those days!) Now that I'm on maternity leave though we split a lot of the tasks when he's at home so I'll usually do dinner, he might do playtime/ bath time and then we each have one of the kids to put to bed. I think he most prefers reading bedtime stories though. - Elise

How does Josh keep in contact with you and the kids when he's away? Mostly FaceTime which is good for the kids to see him while he's away. Cali is extremely talkative so he doesn't often get away with a quick check-in though! - Elise


Sports Dad of the Year 2020
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