Community Sports Dad of the Year 2016
Brent Harvey - AFL

Partner’s name: Shayne
Children’s names: Cooper (12), Lacie (10) & Hudson (4)

With more than 430 games under he belt, Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey holds the record for most games in AFL history, breaking Hawthorn legend Michael Tuck’s record in round 19 this year. The durable little midfielder debuted for his beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos in 1992 and has barely missed a game since. In a remarkable career, Boomer has been a four time All-Australian, was named in the North Melbourne team of the century and won a premiership with the Kangaroos in 1999. He has kicked more than 500 goals in his career. He is the first Kangaroos player to break the 400 game mark and the fourth player in AFL history to achieve that feat. Remarkably, Boomer credits his three children with his amazing longevity in the game. “I am so glad that I have been able to play so long so the kids understand what I do and how hard I work to get where I am,” Brent said. “I play and do everything for them, they are a huge part in why I am still playing.” Wife Shayne says: “Brent has a very hands on attitude with the three of them, nothing has ever been an issue whether it be late night feeds, dirty nappies or kinder duty.”

How hard is it spending so much time away from the kids during the season? It’s pretty tough but with all the technology like facetime, we can always have a chat. - Brent

What is your favourite activity with the kids? Watching them play sport and doing kinder duty with Hudson. - Brent

Do they take an active interest in your career? Yes absolutely they love coming to games and training with me. - Brent

Have you ever been asked to attend their school/day care for “news" or have the kids taken any of your sports gear in? Yes I try and do kinder duty with Hudson whenever I have a day off. The kids take my footy stuff in for show and tell. I also attend school and kinder on footy day as a special guest. - Brent

On game day, do you like to relax with the kids or do they understand to keep away from you? A little bit of both I think, as I have got older I have relaxed a bit. Having the kids around helps me to take my mind off the game ahead. - Brent

What is your most memorable moment with your kids? The moment each of them were born. - Brent

Where's their favourite place they like you to take them? We love going up to our caravan in NSW together. It’s very relaxing with no distractions. - Brent

What makes him such a great father? He’s always so hands on, including sitting up for late night feeds with me just to keep me company. - Shayne

How hard is it when he has to be away from home? Sometimes very difficult … especially when I need to be in three places at the same time! I don’t like to rely on other people to help out but sometimes I don’t have a choice. - Shayne

How do the kids keep in contact with him when he's away? Phone calls and facetime. - Shayne

Do they recognise him on television? ALWAYS! - Shayne

Sports Dad of the Year 2016
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