Community Sports Dad of the Year 2016
Jarrad McVeigh - AFL

Partner’s name: Clementine
Child’s name: Lolita-Luella (4)
Charity of choice: HeartKids

One of the premier midfielders in the AFL, Jarrad McVeigh has risen through the ranks to be one of the Sydney Swans co-captains since 2011, including the Swans 2012 premiership triumph. The No.5 overall draft pick in 2002, the former Central Coast and Pennant Hills junior has played more than 275 games for the Swans and kicked almost 200 goals. Jarrad was named an All-Australian player in 2012 and is a two time winner of the Bob Skilton Medal as the Swans’ best and fairest player. Off the field, Jarrad and his wife Clementine have experienced a lot, losing their first child Luella barely a month after her birth in 2011 due to a serious heart condition. Jarrad and Clementine welcomed the safe arrival of little Lolita-Luella in July 2012, and life couldn’t be better. “Lolita-Luella is a huge inspiration for me – I think about her every time before I run onto the field,” McVeigh said. “There are few things better than taking her down the beach for a swim!” Clementine says: “Jarrad always puts us first. He never complains about things and makes all our dreams come true as a family.”

How hard is it spending so much time away from your daughter during the season? It’s pretty hard, I do miss certain things but my wife is amazing so she makes it easier. - Jarrad

How often do you talk to her when you are on an away trip? Every day. She's just leant how to use FaceTime! - Jarrad

Do she take an active interest in your career? She loves coming to footy club and is constantly asking me if she can keep going back in! - Jarrad

On game day, do you like to relax with her or does she understand to keep away from you? I prefer to relax with her, but my wife usually takes her out so it works well. - Jarrad

What’s your most memorable moment with her so far? Christmas in New York city with the snow falling. - Jarrad

Where's her favourite place that she likes you to take her to? The park near our house! - Jarrad

Favourite family holiday? Hawaii - Jarrad

How hard is it when he has to be away from home? Very hard as all my family are in New Zealand and Jarrad’s are two hours away. - Clementine

What is his best asset as a father? Affectionate, loving, protective and he gets up every night for her so I can go to sleep. - Clementine

Does Lolita-Luella recognise him on television? Yes she does she says “kick it dad!” - Clementine

What makes your dad so great? Because he gives me toys and takes me to Hawaii. - Lolita-Luella

What is the best thing dad does for you? He gives me food like ice-cream and chocolate and takes me on holidays! - Lolita-Luella

Sports Dad of the Year 2016
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