George Burgess - NRL

Partner’s name: Joanna
Child’s name: Boston (1) 

Big George Burgess, along with twin brother Tom and older brother Sam, forms one of the most feared trio of brothers rugby league has ever seen. George will forever be a legend of the famous South Sydney Rabbitohs, playing a key role alongside Sam in the club’s 2014 premiership triumph. It was the Rabbitohs first premiership victory since 1971 and George etched his name into history, scoring a barnstorming try against the Bulldogs to give his side the momentum as they stormed home to win an emotional title. This year, George has returned to his best form, throwing his massive 120kg and 194cm frame into action to bend the best defensive lines in rugby league, as the Rabbitohs have charged back to the top of the NRL ladder. All up, George has played more than 130 games for the famous South Sydney club, with the grand final victory a career highlight. Off the field though, George turns into the big doting dad around son Boston, who will soon be joined by another little Burgess with Joanna expecting the couple’s second child at any time. “Being a hero in my son’s eye’s is one of the most important things to me,” George says. “It’s a new drive for motivation for me.My life has changed in the best way. For the better. I now have a huge responsibility of being a loving Dad and husband.” His wife Joanna went onto say “George has easily taken on the role of being not only a great father but the best father to our children! His patience is a quality I truly admire. He is a role model our kids can look up to. He always makes his time for Boston and I even after a tough day training.”

How hard is spending time away from Boston? I find it fairly tough having to spend time away from Boston but I know that we are pretty lucky to have the time off together that we do have and make the most of that time. - George

How often do you try to communicate on away trips? We FaceTime in the morning/midday and evening before bed. He loves his FaceTime!  I’m constantly receiving picture messages and texts from my wife in between. - George
What is your favourite activity with him? Taking the pups to the park is one of my favourites. The way he interacts with them and runs around the park with them is so cool to watch. Also kicking the footy around is always a fun one. Bottle and bed time is special too. - George

Do you have any memorable moments with him at this early stage? Meeting him for the very first time and getting the opportunity to cut his umbilical cord. A few more highlights are taking him to Barcelona with my wife for our first big family holiday all together. Another one was getting him on the field with me for the first time in at the Charity Shield in Mudgee. - George

Were you at his birth and how was it? I sure was! I was there from the moment my wife’s waters broke broke early morning all the way through to the delivery. We even squeezed in brekkie with the family beforehand to get our strength! My wife did a sensational job at bringing him into the world. - George
Guess you’ve seen your partner in a whole new light? I definitely do, after what she went through in childbirth and what she does for our little family is beautiful to see! - George

Can you put into words how much you enjoy being a Dad? I always knew deep down from a pretty young age that I wanted to be a young dad, it’s the best thing in the world. - George

On game day, do you like to relax with the family or do they understand to keep away from you? I enjoy spending the day with them, my wife is great at letting me sleep in and having an afternoon nap if I’m in need of one. - George

Favourite family holiday or place that you’ll take him in the future? We have travelled to Noosa a fair bit as Joanna is from there. He is a total beach boy, so he’s in his element in the sand and getting into the water. There are so many places I’d love to take my family too, back to England to show him my upbringing would be a nice trip away. I love family holiday’s and we are always searching for a new destination to make memories.
How hard is it when he has to be away from home? We do miss him and his cuddles but with the help of FaceTime we always feel connected to George It makes his away time feel a lot faster. George loves having Boston and I watch his games so I try to support and attend as many games as possible, near or far. We have been lucky enough to fly to almost all away games ... which means he hasn’t been away from us much at all. - Joanna

Does Boston recognise George on TV? Absolutely! He raises his little hands and shouts ‘Hooray’. He also points to the screen and says ‘Dadda’ with a big smile on his face. - Joanna


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