Paul Gallen - NRL

Partner’s name: Anne
Children’s names: Charly (9), Kody (7), Macy (3) and Ruby (8 months)
Charity of choice: Help to Help

Paul Gallen will forever be a Cronulla Sharks legend, captaining the Sutherland Shire club to a first ever NRL premiership in 2016 after 50 years of heartbreak. The nuggety forward has played more than 320 games for his beloved Sharks after debuting in 2001. He has also played 24 Origins for NSW, and was the heart and soul of the Blues for a decade as they battled one of the great Queensland teams. In 2014, he became a Blues Origin legend, leading NSW to a series win after eight years of Maroons domination. The man known simply as ‘Gal’ made his Kangaroos debut in 2008 and went on to represent his country on 32 occasions. Retiring from rep football a couple of seasons ago has enabled Gal to focus his energies on the Sharks, and his four children. “I just love being with the kids, “Gal said. “Whether it’s taking them to the park of just up to get a milkshake, there’s nothing better. My kids are a huge inspiration.” His wife Anne went onto say “Paul’s best asset as a father is setting a good example by always telling the kids to try their best at all times, never give up … and just have fun!”

Besides their birth, what have been the most memorable moments with the kids? I’d say being able to celebrate the big moments of my career with them … World Cup, State of Origin, Grand Final wins. They are all made more special and memorable seeing the kids enjoy those moments too. They are the ones I’ll never forget. - Paul

Tell us about your daily family duties? I’m in charge of bathing the kids and with the quiet time before bed. When I can, I also do the school drop off and pick up and dance drop off and pick up. - Paul

Have you been ask to attend their school and meet their class for school news? Yes. I enjoy the school assembly whenever I can get to them … particularly when they win awards. - Paul

What’s the best part of the day with the kids? That would be the quiet time where we all have a cuddle together and talk about our days. - Paul

Favourite family holiday destination? We love taking the kids to Fiji and Bali. - Paul

What makes Paul such a great father? He always wants to be with the kids and misses them greatly when he is away. Paul loves family time at any given chance and loves to spend one-on-one time with each child. - Anne

What makes dad so great?
He loves me so much and does everything for me. He’s always on my side. - Charly
He gives me cuddles and tells me all the time he loves me. - Kody
Money! - Macy

What’s the best thing dad does for you?
Daddy daughter time. - Charly
Taking me to the footy. He also plays footy in the yard with me and we have ‘just boys’ time or daddy boss man time! - Kody
Daddy daughter time. He also gets me LOL dolls and takes me to school. - Macy

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