David Klemmer - NRL

Partner’s name: Chloe
Children’s names: Cooper (5), Jaxon (3) and David John (1)
Charity of choice: Will donate to Children’s Ward at Campbelltown Hospital

Standing at almost 200cm, or six foot six on the old scale, big David Klemmer signed with the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs as a 15-year-old and has risen to become one of the game’s premier enforcers.  The big man has played more than 100 games for the Bulldogs since his debut in 2013 and has also been a mainstay of the Kangaroos and NSW Origin forward packs since 2014, playing 15 times for his country and 12 times for NSW. His no nonsense approach to the game and charging runs have made Dave a firm fan favourite for Bulldogs and NSW supporters.  And just as defences have their hands full trying to contain him, Dave’s hands are pretty full away from his football commitments, being doting dad to three young boys. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.  “Everything I do is for my kids,” Dave says. “I didn’t have much of an upbringing and didn’t have much when I was a little boy so for me to be able to do a job I love and provide for my three sons is everything I have ever dreamed of. I wouldn’t change my boys for anything – I love being a dad and it brings me so much joy to see their happy little faces and not have a care in the world … it makes me so happy.” His wife Chloe went onto say “Dave’s best asset is that he is the most unselfish person I have met. He would do anything for his boys and try to make the impossible possible.”

How hard is spending time away from the boys during the season? Extremely difficult! My eldest son Cooper was born in October so I have only seen one of his birthdays in person. I’ve also been away for Jaxon and DJ’s birthdays which is hard. But I’m always on Facetime trying to interact with them when I’m away. - David

How much has your life changed since they were born? Having kids has changed me for the better. I was used to just looking after myself and my wife Chloe but once I had my first son at the age of 19 I had to pull my head in and prepare for the future. It’s so refreshing to come home from a hard day at training and have my three boys run to the front door to welcome me home. - David

Tell us about your daily family duties? Apart from our game day routine when I like to go on a long walk with the boys and spend all day with them, I try and also take the older two boys to work whenever I can. At every captains run, I have them there helping with water and balls. I’m in charge of the shower and bath routines at home before we head straight to the man cave to pick a movie for the night! - David

What’s your favourite activity with the boys? I love taking them to the park or going for a walk. It helps to clear my mind and focus on what is extremely important to me. Watching the kids have so much fun running around after football or racing each other on their scooters makes me happy. - David

Most memorable moment with the boys, besides their births? Probably having them hold up the State of Origin shield with me. To have them there cheering me on means the world to me. - David

Favourite family holiday? We all love the Gold Coast. The fact we can walk everywhere in Surfers and just feel the sea breeze anywhere you go. I love taking them to time zone in the shopping centre and just going crazy with them! We also love the theme parks and the boys love all the characters at Movie World. - David

What makes Dave such a good father? Dave would do anything for his kids. He is such a loving and caring dad. The boys look up to him and want to be just like him when they grow up. - Chloe

What makes dad so great? He plays footy for his job! - Cooper

What’s the best thing dad does for you?
The best thing is he plays jokes on me! He’s always tricking me! - Cooper
My dad always plays with me. - Jaxon

Sports Dad of the Year 2018
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