Community Sports Dad of the Year 2016
David Warner - Cricket

Partner’s name: Candice
Children’s names: Ivy Mae (1) & Indi Rae (Newborn)

One of the most feared batsmen in world cricket, the tough little bloke from Sydney’s eastern suburbs with the Popeye arms is Australia’s vice captain in all three forms of the game. Closing in on 5000 Test runs, with an average of 50, David is establishing himself as one of our finest ever Test opening batsman. He burst onto the International scene when picked as a relative unknown, blasting the ball to all corners of the MCG in an incredible display of power hitting. From that moment, he’s being doing exactly the same to attacks all over the world, in all forms of the game. But from the fire and brimstone of International cricket, David’s life couldn’t be any more different away from the brutal way he treats bowlers, at home with daughters Ivy Mae and Indi Rae, and his wife, former ironwoman champion wife Candice. “My mind has been clearer now I have a new chapter of life happening while I am playing the game I love,” David said. “I am now a father and I have to keep making sure I'm doing the right things in front of my children to ensure they follow and grow up with manners, treating people kindly. They have given me more strength to be the best that's for sure.” Candice says: David’s best asset as a father is the size of his heart and the endless love he has for his girls. He is so proud of his children and all that they do. He wants his kids by his side always. He is the girls’ best friend. He is so much fun. 

Have you found it hard spending time away from the family during your cricket commitments? I always find it hard being away from my family but in saying that since being married and having children it has been much harder. We are very fortunate we can bring our families on tour with us and share my experiences with them. I recently spent eight weeks away which was the longest since the girls were born and that was extremely hard. I am lucky my sport allows me to bring them away. - David

What is your favourite activity with the kids? Just going down to the park, chilling out and trying to work out what goes on in a kids brain! Bath time is always fun as Ivy Mae loves to splash and never wants to get out. She’s a water baby like her mum for sure. Indi Rae is too small at the moment but walking her around and playing on her mat is something I enjoy as I can see the smile on her face. - David

On game days, do you like to relax with the kids or do they keep away from you? I always have breakfast with them because they are my everything and the more time I can be with them the better. - David

How much has your life changed since the kids have come into your life? Having kids has changed my life significantly. I now process things a lot more and make smarter decisions in regards to certain things. It's now all about them and what I have to do as a father to make sure they are guided in the right direction in life. Cricket is important to me but now I have a family they will always be priority and in saying that I love what I do but that's what I think life is about and that's family first. - David

Besides their births are there any other memorable moments with the kids? With the kids seeing Ivy Mae walk for the first time was awesome. The smile on her face of surprise was very emotional. I can't wait for that with Indi Rae. She never stops smiling. - David

What's been the toughest thing to adjust to? I am not a routine person but at home is routine. One thing Candice does well for our family is just that and makes life so easy for all of us. If only if I had this when I was younger!  - David

What makes him such a great father? I couldn't ask for anything more in a father for our two girls. Although he lives a hectic life through his sport he is still very hands on and always makes time for his angels. Whether it's bath time, feeding, changing nappies, doing hair he does the lot with pleasure and a smile. His two girls are his absolute world. You might even notice him giving the girls a wave during a match. No matter where in the world or what time it is he always face times and gives his entire attention to his kids. He is super dad. - Candice

How hard is it when he has to be away from home? It's always hard when he is away at months on end but we are lucky enough to travel as often as possible to be together as a family. Saying good bye always hurts but that's part of our lives. David always face times and makes sure when he is away that he is still very much a part of the girls’ day to day life. - Candice

Is he involved in feeding, what task does he perform in helping you feed, settling, nappy changes, bath the kids? David is extremely hands on and is been from day one. When home he always baths the girls and never hesitates to change a nappy or feed them. He has a special way of settling them when they are upset. Both girls are definitely daddies little girls. - Candice

How does he keep in contact with you and the kids when he's away? David is the best at keeping in contact when on tour. He will face time us as soon as he wakes up and almost every opportunity he gets throughout the day between training and other commitments. We send lots of videos and photos and make sure he doesn't miss anything he girls are doing. - Candice

Sports Dad of the Year 2016
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