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Australian cricket vice-captain David Warner is this years ‘Philips Sports Dad of the Year’ ambassador

One of the world’s favourite cricketers, David Warner is this years 2017 Philips Sports Dad of the Year ambassador. 

This years Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year Award will highlight the many local volunteers in our sports communities who modestly go about their lives giving back to their communities.

David is a proud ambassador for this award and when talking to him about SPORTS DADS he said, “Dads are every kids heroes so it’s brilliant to have an award like this. To recognise a dad that continually gives up his time to coach his kids sporting team, or to the dad that drives his kids to training each day or whatever it may be. All dads are legends so I'm sure there will be lots of them nominated for this”.

David then went onto say that “When I was a kid I was involved in my many sports growing up. I played cricket, league, union. I enjoyed tennis and surfing as well. I was always on the move. However, without many parents support and them driving me around to every game then all this wouldn't have been possible”.

This years Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year will be announced prior to Father’s Day.

We then went onto ask David some questions about his family life with his wife Candice and two beautiful girls, Ivy and Indi;

Tell us about about your current work/life balance in 2017 - do you feel that you are able to spend quality time with the girls and also concentrate on your cricket?
I'm very lucky to have a great balance with my family and work. When I'm on tour it's all about working hard to get the best out of myself and representing Australia to the best of my ability. I'm fortunate to have my wife and kids with me a lot of the time. Having my family by my side makes working away from home that little bit easier especially when I'm away for months on end. When I get the chance to spend time at home I love just being dad and doing all the daddy duties. 

Your cricket takes you all over the world and obviously its hard to keep in touch with the family, what have you found to be the best ways to keep in touch with the girls and Candice?
For Candice and I we tend to just stick to FaceTime. As soon as I wake up of a morning I FaceTime my girls. Seeing them smiling and happy is the perfect way to start my day when I'm on tour. 

Are there any special cricket moments coming up in your career that you are really wanting the family to be involved in?
I’m very lucky to have my family watch me play and tour with me a lot of the time. Seeing my daughters and wife cheering me on in the stands is always really special for me. Obviously the Ashes is always big on my calendar so I'm sure Candice will make sure her and the girls are there for every test. 

During your time off are there any special things only you do with the girls? 
Recently during my break we have spent some time in Queensland as Candice ran the gold coast marathon. Any time we spend away I always like to take the girls for ice cream after dinner. Baby chinos are very popular with the girls at the moment so we are always at our local cafe. 

As the girls grow up I’m sure you’re seeing their personalities develop…..tells us about Ivy and Indi and how they are the same and/or how they are different?
The girls look so similar but their personalities are very different. Ivy is very chilled out and takes everything in her stride. She likes to entertain and is a real chatterbox like her mum. Indi is our little monkey full of energy and never stops. She loves dancing and climbing on everything. She is a tough little cookie. Together the girls make a pretty good team. I feel very blessed to have two happy and healthy kids. 

After winning the 2016 Philips Sports Dad of the Year you donated $10,000 to your charity of choice which was Make A Wish Australia, are you still involved with the charity?
Absolutely I am. Make A Wish do such a great job to make a child smile and to obviously try and make their wish for the day come true. Each hero wish costs about $10,000 so I'm glad I could help make someone's wish come true. 

Do you want to be a hands on Sports Dad when the girls grow up and choose a sporting activity they like?
Their will be no pressure on my girls to tackle sport to the next level like Candice and I. I'd like my girls to enjoy sport and to make lots of great friends and to have fun participating. It will be up to them what path they choose in life, as a father I can only guide them and support them. 

Do you aim for a particular beard or shaving style? Do you like stubble or clean shaven? 
I don't clean shave too often as the rubbing from my helmet often causes ingrown hairs. I tend to have a bit of stubble but it's always well maintained. 

Who did you idolise as a kid? Did you ever try to emulate their style, were you successful?
Growing up I only ever idolised sports stars. My favourites were Ponting, Gilchrist and Warne. I don't think any of them were style icons. Hahaha.


Sports Dad of the Year 2017
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